Friday, October 29, 2004

A B C D E F G H I J K Lost

Whatevs is officially over. I can only take so many pictures of carb-bloated self-aggrandizement before I break.

In related news, So Misunderstood sucks too.

Somebody stole our Kerry/Edwards sign out of our yard. This may have something to do with my PMS-inspired act of ripping a Bush/Cheney sticker off a tree in someone's yard. But that was more out of trying to make a statement about the tree.

I already voted, last weekend. It took about an hour but it was worth it.

I fell on Tuesday, in the midst of running, and scraped my chin and knuckles off. Somewhere, a small patch of brick road looks alarmingly like me. Or, at least, the old me, before I became Kid with ManHead.

New love: Peppermint soy hot chocolate while driving at night.

I'm doing my project on Stanley Kunitz. He's 99!

I'm itching to visit NYC again. Annie, drop a piece of Entenmann's on the ground for me at your party, like the homies do with their 40's.

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm going as a hanging chad.

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