Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Your Own Personal Cheez Whiz

I noticed something very important about myself whilst driving my car during 80's lunch hour (on which I based my Cable Ace award-winning Short Imagined Monologue): I have to squint my eyes when Dave Gahan states, "Reach out. Touch faith" during Personal Savior. Mind you, I don't like the song and actually leapt in vain to the other 80's lunch hour station to find something else to listen to, but faced with the choice between Depeche Mode and that Eileen song, I had to take the plunge. Anyway, I squint during the bridge. I don't know if some adolescent me thought it made me look tough to do so, and I just kept at it subconsciously, but there it is. I squint. (When I was young and stayed inside watching TV all day, TBS had "Squint Like Clint Week", wherein they played every movie he ever made over and over. Eastwood, not Howard.) (By the way, what the hell is this?)

Funniest ever. (Except for this.) It must be nice to sit back, enjoy your fatty drinks, and ponder the reality television 'art' you're making.

Tomorrow is my birthday. J'aurai vingt-cinq ans.

Everybody should read The Memory of Running.

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