Saturday, September 10, 2005


Installation: Words around me:

Partout ou tu vas, tu te fais remarquer.

The room had two full beds and an old television.

Savannah Indians 1974 Champions

Lindsay Hunter Notary Public - State of Florida

Language Poetry

Qui ne dit mot consent.

Dream Horseshoe

Girly in Imitation of Christ couture at the Cannes premiere of Match Point in May.


2006 student handbook.

The street outside the hotel was glistening, the short grass pushing itself down, further into its roots, the air and green silent like made beds.

Silence gives consent.

Art school is beautiful. Chicago is beautiful. I am writing. Just not on here. I've made a decision; it has to do with goodbyes. Writers are simps, but we can't help it. I'm releasing this blog, perhaps to start another. I'll let you know, Mom.


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