Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Have the Strength to Endure

This is my boyfriend C.J. I thought it was C. Jay but I guess it's C.J.

Anyway I'm back from Memphis. Tennessee, not Greece, Leah. I'm never leaving my dog again.

In this Vanity Fair article I just read about Clarence Jones he references Moby Dick AND I and Thou. Once I saw that I slapped the magazine closed and passed out. That's it for me, people. Only I was on the plane and I woke up to my mouth being open and smashed bangs. I am hott.

I just realized I have a deep-seeded(seated) disdain for commas. I rarely use them after introductory elements. I don't want to lead anyone on I guess.

Currently Ben and I are in a clash of wills over who will clean up the dinner dishes. When I say 'dishes' I mean 'styrofoam box from Las Mananitas because our gas was turned off because I may or may not have remembered to get it transferred into our name when we moved here almost a year ago.'

In Memphis I: went to Graceland; went to Sun Studios; went to Strings 'n Things; went to the Gibson guitar factory and bought a metal slide; went to Burk's Books; drank as much sweet tea as my bladder could handle and then drank more because my favorite feeling (besides you know) is peeing after holding it; watched Weird Tales of the Ramones at least thirty times with my dad; played XBox 360 with my dad; talked some shit with my dad; watched my 6'2" stepmom handle two short men at the bar; prayed to Elvis' ghost--my prayers were answered yes they were; drank vodka tonics; spooned the Maggopotomous every night; blah blah blah and wrote. My dad promised me a St. Blues guitar--if this is true, Cunny is officially up and running (alert JK, M. Lady, CC!!).

Howlin' Wolf. Why have I never heard him before?

There's more but there isn't.

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