Saturday, June 03, 2006


If you were Angela Lansbury and you were collecting evidence on me and the evidence included:

Listened to Hands to Heaven by Breathe at least thirteen times in a row
Image-searched The Notebook on Yahoo(!)
Watched The Notebook (avoided the old people parts)
Image-searched Rachel McAdams
Got misty at the spray-paint art on Breathe's MySpace profile of a skanky couple tugging at each other's pants
Ate chocolate cupcake

...what conclusion would you draw? Wait...have to press 'play' on iTunes again...okay I'm back.

Angela Lansbury: Welp, looks like Aunt Flo's comin' to town, kiddo.
Me: Shut your tea-kettle-shaped face, grammaw.

(Didn't she voice the tea kettle in Beauty and the Beast?)

Tonight I need your sweet caress...hold me in the darkness...tonight you calm my relieve my sadness...told you that shizz is good.

And what's with sad 80's songs and the saxophone solo? Remember the song from Danny and Debbie? And the theme from St. Elmo's Fire (which is not, sadly, the song St. Elmo's's the hopeful instrumental number)?

(Suddenly I'm Seinfeld. What's with this? What's with that? What's with 'what's with'? Not funny. Help.)

I went to a party last night...a going-away thing for cc. It was very fun, but I was sick, blowing snot all over the joint, and it wasn't until someone looked at me and said, 'Are you okay?' with a look of fear and disgust emanating from his beard that I realized sick girl with tissue + people trying to party = downer and gross. I left peacefully. This morning I woke up with a tissue stuck to my cheek and my mouth wide open. I may have been choking; I'm not sure.

As I watch you move...across the moonlight room...there's so much tenderness and you're lovely...tomorrow I must leave...the door knows no reprieve...God give me strength when I am raise your hands to heaven and pray...that we'll be back together some dayheyyyyyyeeee....

Okay. I have to go make a fort out of my bed and my desk chair so I have somewhere sufficiently dark and ridiculous to cry about raising my hands to heaven.

(Happy, cc?)

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