Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Push Right Over

We went to the country music festival at Taste Chicago to see this guy:

But first we saw these people learn to dance:

I really love this picture:

This guy had tap shoes on and did a little Sammy Davis, Jr. to the Hoyle Brothers:

Then we saw the Honky Tonk traveling museum, featuring memorabilia from Elvis, Buddy Holly, Webb Pierce, Patsy Cline, etc. Here is Ben posing next to Webb Pierce's suit. I have no idea what he was looking at or why he's trying to pretend like seconds before he wasn't like "Take a picture of me, take a picture of me!"

This is more like it (posing with the Killer):

Finally, after a root beer float (me) and a frozen ice-cream cake on a stick and rib sandwich (him), we saw what we came for:

We love Grant:

And Mike Frederickson and Gerald:

Robbie Fulks played his face off,

but he was outshined by this guy dancing. He did the "throw the dice" and the "I'm a robber creeping through your laser alarms" dances better than anyone I've ever seen. I wanted to shake his hand but I didn't want to break the spell. The girl he was with tried to keep up but her strapless top kept her occupied. A valiant effort, anyhow.

Check out the guy with the white hair. He's like, I totally relate to you. They are pretty hilarious. But I'm a real photographer so I won't be snapping their picture like you. Here's hoping for nip slippage, though!

One more, because I love them so:

Oh, Robbie.

Oh, Chicago.

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cc said...

you gotta rotate and save the photo with something other than preview. iphoto or photoshop will work.