Friday, August 24, 2007

Maine-land (I'm a writer)

We went to Damariscotta, Maine for five days earlier this week. Here is proof:


I thought this would be an awesome picture. You know, arty. Oh, well.

The house we stayed in.

The house we stayed in's backyard.

The house we stayed in's backyard's pond.

Downtown Damariscotta.

More Maine-y shit.

This lighthouse is on the Maine quarter!

These were growing near the lighthouse. Tomatoes? Cherries? Cherry tomatoes? You be the judge.

More lighthouse.

This Native American was keeping it real. And you know how much Native Americans like to keep it real. He faced the gift shop; his ass faced the lighthouse.

Ben's dad went on walkabout and when we found him he had this feather in his baseball cap and he was profoundly changed. He wanted us to call him "Frederic Supertramp."

I like this picture because it shows the beautiful striations formed in the rocks by the sea, and it also shows the husk of a crab recently eaten by a gull--life is beautiful. But mostly I like this picture because it's reminiscent of a vagina.

The sea tried to claim Ben as he stood pontificating on the rocks with his father. His sister and I stood alternately screeching and laughing hysterically hundreds of feet away, helpless. Luckily, he used his camera as a crafty sort of anchor and he was able to find his footing again. However, he did not escape that pesky sea poo, and the rocks weren't kind to the boniness of his legs.

Here is the lens of the lighthouse.

Here is the remains of what we ate after leaving the lighthouse. Note the lobster corpse. I was going for a PETA meets Jeff Koons type thing.

The view from the restaurant.

Later, we went hiking.

We went kayaking but I didn't bring my camera on the actual kayak part. Here are some photos taken after returning to land.

I was shocked to find that after all the athletics and nature I was exposed to, I still didn't manage to a.) get a tan, or b.) become less huge. Evidence below.

It was an awesome trip. We also went to L.L. Bean and I bought a barn coat, some boots, and a hunting coat for my dog. I told this to T. Xavier, who responded, "Normally, I'd be against dogs wearing clothes. But since you'll both look like lesbians, I say go for it." I may be paraphrasing a little.
Anyway, Maine!

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m.lady said...

I love Maine!
And I love T.Xavier!
And I love you!