Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rock Band Aerobics Tape

I saw Small Brown Bike last night at the Subterranean. First I went to a Polish wedding in Palos Hills, but that's another story. SBB was fanfuckingtastic, even considering the fact that I was stuck next to two douchebags in matching Urban Outfitters '99 wear who only really got excited when they played Future with No Friend. At one point Ben asked the crowd to consider registering with a bone marrow bank (the show was a benefit for a friend who'd successfully battled leukemia) and one of the douchebags turned to the other douchebag and made a poo-poo face and shook his head vigorously. I hope you get AIDS, I thought to myself. But then I felt bad for thinking it.

Keleton DMD was one of the opening acts. Holy everything they were amazing. You can also listen to them here if you scroll down.

The Vacuum.

Video for Safe in Sound. Note: this video attempts something cool but fails. I'm sorry, I just can't buy bigass Travis falling prey to Crispin Glover. And does anyone remember that movie, The Lady in White?

Yahweh, I love the Internet.

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