Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two Things...

...that made me happy today.

1.) I said "Wadup?" to this guy I work with (the same guy I got Cokaleeza Rice from and the same guy who said "Goodday, laddie" to the Australian new guy) and he said "All right, how about you?"

2.) This guy on the train had his bag next to him, and people kept walking up to him going, is this seat taken? and he'd say in the exact same tone, "I've got somebody joining me at Clybourn." And then, more and more people got on the train and more and more people kept going up to him and trying to sit there. One lady even tried to move his bag, but that didn't deter him from intoning, "I've got somebody joining me at Clybourn." Even when the conductor came up and said, "Two tickets?" the man said, "I've got somebody joining me at Clybourn." My heart soared at his polite monotone, that never wavered even when faced with the way people (mostly women) were walking away, shaking their heads, rolling their eyes, sighing at his audacity.

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