Saturday, March 07, 2009


This is awesome. I might very well participate under a variety of pen names. One being "J.D. Robb," natch.

Also, so into Eastbound and Down. I have loved Danny McBride since I first laid eyes on Bustass in All the Real Girls.

New Neko Case is the shit, can't wait to see her and Crooked Fingers in April. (The last time I saw Crooked Fingers the sound wasn't working so the band jumped off the stage and played acoustically while Eric Bachmann sang into the crowd. One of the top 5ive experiences of my life.)

Regarding personal shit, I have decided on a color palate for my bridesmaids and thus for the entire wedding. Marine blue, lime green, and brightass pink. And all the accents therein. Now that that is settled, I am free to wig about the next batch of stupid crap: what Ben/his groomsmen will wear, what my niece and nephews will wear, what frigging stamp to put on the invites. (I actually really like the planning process, but I have all too often come up against a wall in my creativity that I can only jump over after convincing myself my wedding will be the cheesiest, most boring event I will ever experience.)

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