Monday, January 18, 2010

Why We're Married

This, excerpted from a conversation about a married co-worker being too flirtatious with another co-worker:

(11:48 AM) Bunny: it's like "sleeping with the enemy" and you're the dude with the beard who lives in iowa
(11:49 AM) Lindsay Hunter: that is amazing
(11:49 AM) Lindsay Hunter: but not very accurate
(11:49 AM) Bunny: not going to lie I was pretty proud of it
(11:49 AM) Bunny: it is accurate: he was a writer who had spent time in new york and so are you
(11:50 AM) Bunny: and his name was Ben!!!!
(11:50 AM) Bunny: !!!!!!!!!!!
(11:51 AM) Bunny: oh shit.....
(11:52 AM) Bunny: that actor is from chicagoland!!!
(11:52 AM) Bunny:
(11:52 AM) Lindsay Hunter: i am not looking at that
(11:52 AM) Lindsay Hunter: but this makes me fall in love with you all over again
(11:52 AM) Bunny: and he played "chuck" in risky business
(11:52 AM) Bunny: ALL THE TIME!!!!!!
(11:53 AM) Lindsay Hunter:
(11:53 AM) Bunny: too far?
(11:53 AM) Lindsay Hunter: just far enough
(11:53 AM) Bunny: makes sense
(11:53 AM) Bunny: I have never once in my life taken a joke too far
(11:54 AM) Bunny: ugh
(11:54 AM) Bunny: poor kevin anderson played "reenactment actor" in a 2002 fbi files episode
(11:54 AM) Bunny: why do I think julia roberts isn't taking his calls these days

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