Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Don't percolate

AWP was fun. I made a righteous ass out of myself, this is good for the ego. To wit: here is video of me putting my mouth on the mic at Vermin on the Mount:

I love Nuvia and Jim a lot and all the readers were sublime.

Somewhere secret there is video of Jac Jemc and I rapping at the Literati Gong Show. I don't know should I be embarrassed or proud, or embarrassed to be proud or proud that I'm embarrassed? Aw man I had a great time. Then I jacked my toe up dancing with the Knee-Jerk boys at the Lit Party but it was worth it. I saw a red panda a slapfight between two males my Jamaican husband the longest escalator this side of earth a cruddy omelet a toddler-sized pizza slice tons of lions but none of them real some velvet pants some glitter drawers the white cloud batting from the other side and a lot of whiskey. So nice to have met you all.

Shall we? Shall we?

We shall.

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