Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So You Don't Be Lonely

My boss just told me that Lance Armstrong said of Sheryl Crow that (and I'm paraphrasing here) "it's good to have someone around to cook and clean and do all the stuff girls do, argh, me Lance, me ride bike, me have one ball, me take woman by hair and drag..." Despite being the staunch Lance supporter that I am (a difficult task, being that I am a francophile), I wanted to rip my LiveStrong band from my arm and scream like an Indian with a fresh scalp. Could it be true? Perhaps when the doctors ripped that testicle from him a little piece of him died, like most of his brain or his soul or something. Oh, Lance. Pull your head out of your ass, Dad.

Bachelor Bob, Dennis Quaid, and Tori Spelling got married this weekend. In other news, nobody cares.

Eric Douglas went tits up. He probably saw the Zeta-Douglasses without makeup and died from boredom.

I saw Spider-Man 2 yesterday,and it was really good. I really liked the part where Spidey rationalized that MJ would only be hurt if they were together. True, especially since she's been mugged, strung up a bridge, almost smashed by a car, and tied to a metal pole being pulled into the center of a man-created sun, and all this while Peter and she were dutifully keeping their hands off each other. Good point, Spider-Man. She'll be much safer. Shut the hell up.

It was really good though.

I've been bored with my thoughts lately, i.e. I've been busy. My art will have to suffer for the time being. See you at the Crossroads.

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