Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Stains So Deep They Can See No End

I voted today.

I added another class, a grad fiction workshop.

I hate my work environment. Which I think officially qualifies me as my parents.

I traumatized my dog yesterday. Grooming appointment.

The VMAs were boring.

This blog is boring.

I'm really excited about Kraft Macaroni & Cheese made with soy milk these days. The spiral noodles only, though. I'm not a troglodyte.

I'm reading You Remind Me of Me right now. More dog trauma.

I love Vanessa on Six Feet Under. And Keith. Nate, not so much.

The Killing is a really good movie.

The Last Boy is a very good book with extremely horrible grammar. I never thought that was possible. Maybe I'm dead inside.

I really hate it when I'm leaving a message for someone my boss told me to call and he yells at me from his office further things to tell the person.

I didn't get to run this morning.

Robert Lowell is a tricky bastard. In a good way.

My brother joined the navy.

I cut my fingernails at the office this morning. Civil disobedience, kinda.

I think this blog is over.

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