Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You Got Me Coughing Up My Cookie Heart

It's been a while. I've been neglecting this thing, almost on purpose. I just have a lot of stuff to do. Like reading poetry and making angry marks on people's short stories. You know, normal stuff. Sorry. But not really.

We went to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, where the following things happened, but not in this order:

saw the Drive-By Truckers (!!!)

ate at Guero's (ahem, twice)

bought more art at Yard Dog

saw the Broken Social Scene (my new favorite band)

yelled at the Broken Social Scene from a car as they were crossing the street how good their set was

ate Jake's Oat Cakes

went to Book People, which carries all of the McSweeney's publishings

saw the Old 97's

saw Ryan Adams

saw Neko Case

did NOT see Modest Mouse, though I did see their tour bus parked at our hotel

had some goodass Sweet Leaf Tea

watched a good Cold Case Files

drank some red, red wine.

It was a great trip. I would move there if I could. The music filtering through that place is insane.

I'm reading Everything is Illuminated right now. It's amazing: you think you've got writing all figured out, the different styles and voices, and then something like this book comes along and knocks you right the hell off your haughty, contented soapbox. I surrender, Muse. Now get off your fat dimpled ass and get to work.

Very soon, I'll probably be destroying this blog. Why write here when I should be writing elsewhere? If only I had the answer to that question.

Here is what I'm excited about right now: Mac & Cheese w/ soy and no butter, my book, "Heaven" by the Psychedelic Furs, my classes, my impending trip to Chicago, a certain Nemerov poem I just read, and the fact that I had a valid excuse for not having to attend my neighbor's Southern Living party.

And one more thing: tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, which is the same thing as Fall.

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