Thursday, August 12, 2004

Starchy Product Scripted People I Never Asked to Care About

Reading over my site, I've come to the realization that sarcasm really doesn't hold up well in the HTML world. In the future, you should understand that 99.999% of what I say is joke-ish. Make that 99.9998%.

Ashlee Simpson broke up with her (gay) boyfriend. And his hair. "She's like an Avril Lavigne that actually believes her own bullshit." Not my words, but funny just the same.

Florida is officially in a state of emergency. Oh, and there are some hurricanes coming through as well.

There's an article about Rudy Giuliani in the New York Times today. I'm not a fan of his current politics, but there were some things about him I had no idea about. For instance, he stayed with a gay couple during his divorce, causing his conservative brethren to shun him. He also ticked them off by approving of Clinton's crime bill in 1994. One more cool thing: Giuliani says Kerry is "absolutely qualified" to be President, and that "It would be a terrible mistake for the Republican side to argue he is not qualified." This is all very interesting, but at the end of the day Rudy's gonna do what he's gotta do: pull the 9/11 card at the Republican convention. But at least he's not a total prick.

Oh, how I love love love Andy Dick.

Tony Danza: She's Out of Control! (Incidentally, I saw this movie in the theater.)

Téa Leoni is back. Nothing says "gonna be HUGE" like starring in a movie opposite Adam Sandler. Yeah, Bridgette Wilson, I'm talking to you.

Yet another reason Wal-Mart is evil. My mom went in there last week, and she's still trying to rub the imaginary red off her neck. She'll never be the same.

The Washington Post admits they should have realized that the stench pervading their editorials was bullshit, and not some new type of ink, as they initially tried to convince themselves. In all seriousness, I think this public confession/sort of apology is extremely admirable.

This entry has been really boring. Go read this article about why Michael Moore isn't the first biased documentarian in the history of cinema. He may be the most annoying (to some of you), and perhaps the plumpest, but putting one's own vision/opinion out there for the world to see didn't begin with him.

Has anyone seen Withnail and I?

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