Monday, May 23, 2005

Now the Taste of My Teeth Reminds Me: Have I Called You Today?

Totally saw Tim Kinsella in Chicago this weekend. He's in a new band called The Make Believe, which seems to be a perfect impression of Cap'n Jazz, complete with his smeary screams and semi-retarded scatting. The only thing missing was the odd trumpet. (In French, they say 'You were missing from me' rather than 'I missed you', implying that everything worthwhile is all a piece of the whole, i.e. you, i.e. anything. Nothing.) In other words, I was temporarily in love.

I just said this to my dog: "Your belly is a drum!"

We were in Chicago to see Zykos, Ben's brother's band. They were opening for The Good Life, who I'd never heard of, but who are apparently pretty popular with the pizza-for-every-meal set. Zykos was so good. Well worth all the standing around which going to a show requires. Somebody sign them.

I'm listening to Braid, and I forgot all about the line: "So I'm told, that Chicago's cold..." This song used to depress me and I had no idea that Chicago would have any significance for me back then. Time presses on. And pretty soon you realize it's walking all over your face. (Anyone who can tell me where that extremely paraphrased philosophy comes from wins. Big time. It's from a movie.)

I bought some skate shoes this weekend. Because they were cute. I think that's the equivalent of calling yourself a lesbian because you think it's a pretty word. It didn't stop me, though.

I've developed a thing for Jane Fonda (she has man voice, I have man voice). And the Cocteau Twins. Not, surprisingly, mutually exclusive entities.

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