Thursday, June 09, 2005

Biscuit Dublin Leroy Lulu Remy Spot

Alphabetical, bitch.

If I were in a band I would call us The Mathematics. I am actually awesome at math and therefore I would be awesome in a band. Currently I am learning bluegrass banjo.

We have moved from Orlando to Limbo, and our furniture is hovering somewhere on the edge of reality. We are staying at Ben's mom's house in Missouri until the movers can find it in their hearts to actually drive our stuff up to Chicago, which could be anywhere from next week to the day I die (which could be next week, and in that case, Thanks, Nationwide Van Lines!! Even though I'm dead you came through!). We're going up to Chicago this weekend regardless, because there is a Robbie Fulks concert on Saturday we've promised ourselves to.

I'm officially out of the loop. Until further notice.

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