Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I saw Clancy Brown on the street today. He was wearing one of those khaki vests they wear in the movies when they want the character to look like a scientist about to go on a hike. I nearly brushed elbows with him and my heart pounded loudly. My shoes were squeaking to top it all off. Hopefully he was like, is there a duck nearby? and had to look toward the sound (i.e. at me) to figure it out.

I've been missing Florida lately. The nearness of my mom and sister. My nephews. The bar. Knowing how to get around with my eyes closed. Driving by places and not being able to help remembering a million things. The weather.

At the same time, though, when I'm there I feel like the walls are closing in. Like the quicksand has only reached my ankles and yet I'm giving in, already plugging my nose, saying my prayers, taking one last look around before I'm sucked in.

(Not summer at all) pic of the day (a.k.a. I needed an excuse to post this hilarious picture of my brother):

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Mom said...

That "sinking" feeling is the HUMIDITY, darling. Why did you leave your mother anyway, huh? (Maybe you felt SMOTHERED!) I don't care. I want you back and your little dog, too (cackle, cackle)...Okay, dogs...and, okay, Ben...hey, now I'm feeling smothered! I've got too many freaking kids, grandkids and in-laws. Visits are nice, huh? Mom