Sunday, June 24, 2007

Someday lady you'll accompany me

Breaking news: iTunes offers no Bob Seger!! Are they prejudiced against the Bruce Springsteen of the wife-beater sect or something? No Night Moves? No Like a Rock? No Hollywood Nights?! I am dissatisfied.

I just looked off into the distance to think of what to write next, and my eyes happened to fall on a guy hanging out his window, possibly retching. Clearly the toilet was occupied. Clearly he wasn't retching--just whispering sweet nothings to his backyard. Calling down to his Juliet (blame the women's movement). Looking for his contact lens.

Summer pic of the day:

Jeffrey Brown reading at Powell's. He even read all the "Ugh"'s and "Thwack!"'s and "Blah blah blah"'s. He was hilarious and had skinny arms.