Wednesday, August 04, 2004

There's a Hole in the Bucket


I'm reading Losing the Race, by the inimitable John McWhorter, who makes me want to abandon everything and begin studying linguistics. But then I remember how boring that would be. He begins his sentences with things like, "Crucially,..." and "Importantly,..."

Oh and the book itself is amazing too.

I've been so excruciatingly bored at work that I can't function. My brain is literally numb. How do people live this way, day after day, forever? I hope I never have to find that out.

You heard it here first: Bush is going to be around for another four long years. Face it, people, he's going to wheel bin Laden out on a bed of WMDs coincidentally found in the desert of Iraq while Halliburton was happily drilling for oil. I mean, I'm all for supporting my men Kerry/Edwards, but I need to be honest with myself. Bush will win. It's all that adminstration knows how to do: get reelected. They don't know how to pronounce Abu Ghraib, but danged if they don't know how to hold onto that oval office.

Shocker: Rupert Murdoch is a big fat conservative. More shocking: He controls Fox News!!! And by the way, soylent green is PEOPLE! IT'S PEOPLE! (I can't wait to see this film, by the way. Not that it will make any g.d. difference...)

The media is so ridiculous.

I got this for Natty Bumppo's birthday to go along with this, which I got him for Christmas. Paco is awesome, Yard Dog is awesome.

I must have this.

It's very fall-y today, in the middle of August in Florida. It makes me want to be home, reading, drinking cider, in a sweater. Just thought I'd pass that wish onto you, dear reader.

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