Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Out with the old

This url is an artifact. Why not visit Blessings.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keeping it Weird 4 Lyfe

This Thursday I'll be reading for the first time ever in Austin, TX, and yep I just peed a little in excitement. I'll be reading with Dan Boehl, whose new book, Kings of the F**king Sea, is out now!

Can't wait to see Amelia Gray and Mary Miller and Sarah Grainer and my brother/sister in-law and a couple dogs I'mma mash faces with.

And to reenact this picture.
But before all of that, I'm reading and DJing at the Artifice Magazine Dirty South Dance Party tomorrow night. My DJ name is DJ Sensible Shoes. Control your jealousy and admiration, please. Setlist sneak peek here!

Last night I read at the Encyclopedia Show. I really can't say enough about that event - it is always so unique and wonderful, and if you haven't been to one you should make it a point to do so a-sap.

On my walk to the train afterward I passed a house where a band was practicing in the attic. Whoever they were, they were super emo, and I was very moved, okay? I'm not made of stone. Until a gentleman in a butt-length leather jacket walked by and requested Freebird. And then requested it again when there was no reaction. And then again, caterwauling like he was being stabbed and these were his last words.

I believe what I witnessed was the death, finally, of that joke. I feel lucky to have played a part in its demise.

In other news, I have new stories in Annalemma and Wigleaf, journals I have been salivating over for a long time. And I'm excited to have a story in the launch issue of Midwestern Gothic! Such a great premise for a journal and it's awesome to be a part of it. And stories forthcoming in Barrelhouse, trnsfr, and Dark Sky. eeeee!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mission Creek!

Quickies! wants you too, Malachai. We want you too! 
I'm heading to Iowa City April 1-2 for the Mission Creek Festival. I'll be reading at Prairie Lights Friday night with Tao Lin and Ted Thompson, and then Quickies! is joining the Mission Creek Lit Crawl Saturday at the Dublin Underground. Reading for Quickies! will be:

Jac Jemc
Zach Dodson
Steve Tartaglione
Kyle Beachy
Anthony Luebbert
Aaron Burch
Adam Novy
Amy Butcher
Jill Summers
and Roxane Gay

I am super excited about being a part of Mission Creek! If you're anywhere near the Midwest, or you have a way to steal your stepdad's frequent flyer miles to get you to Iowa City, please just quit puddlin' and do it!

Thinking I might not do any readings in May, maybe.

In other news, I've been feeling like I want to like, wear a leather minidress and stand around in my lover's penthouse apartment holding a glass of chardonnay and watching the sun set and listening to Purple Rain or this amazing fucking song on repeat before just putting my pumps back on and leaving it all behind to start a life without hairspray but with eyeglasses. I'm nostalgic for this made-up memory, is what I'm saying. I'm going to start reading The Bonfire of the Vanities, is what I'm saying.

Anyway. More to come in April. Including my birthday!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Don't percolate

AWP was fun. I made a righteous ass out of myself, this is good for the ego. To wit: here is video of me putting my mouth on the mic at Vermin on the Mount:

I love Nuvia and Jim a lot and all the readers were sublime.

Somewhere secret there is video of Jac Jemc and I rapping at the Literati Gong Show. I don't know should I be embarrassed or proud, or embarrassed to be proud or proud that I'm embarrassed? Aw man I had a great time. Then I jacked my toe up dancing with the Knee-Jerk boys at the Lit Party but it was worth it. I saw a red panda a slapfight between two males my Jamaican husband the longest escalator this side of earth a cruddy omelet a toddler-sized pizza slice tons of lions but none of them real some velvet pants some glitter drawers the white cloud batting from the other side and a lot of whiskey. So nice to have met you all.

Shall we? Shall we?

We shall.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


If I make it out of this blizzard I will be performing/reading at the following events:

The Literati Gong Show! (Doing this with Jac Jemc. And maybe we're rapping.)

And then of course hanging out at the featherproof table and lauding Miss Gray and Mr. Somerville at the Literature Party.

See you there, and one of us will slip on some barf (maybe mine) and do a really entertaining windmill before landing on the paper-mâché tree next to the Ecotone table? But it's okay, because you wanted to subscribe anyway. Then we'll wear each other's Hammer pants and dap to the death. Can't wait!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

we own things.

The east coast tour was a lot of fun. My dad showed up in Philly and me and Christian traveled separately like eccentric celebrities and I wore a dress once and I saw Elegant Elliot Offen and Amelia Gray’s new middle hair part and talked about Jerry Lee but not enough and my feet got swole and I ate pizza in Brooklyn and I thought Boston was a fun reading but turns out I was wrong and thank you to Gene Kwak and Jonathan Papas and my best friend KP and Sasha and Jason Hafer and KGB and Word and Lorem Ipsum and featherproof and Grace Krilanovich and Amelia Gray and Two Dollar Radio and featherproof and the Tebordo family and featherproof and everyone who came out to see us read, we’re sorry and you’re welcome and we’re sorry.  

Speaking of featherproof, Patrick Somerville's book is out! Imma rub my face on it.  

And now an accumulation of things I've been wanting to tell you:

I have a story up at Fifty-Two Stories, whoa. 
Bitch Magazine reviewed Daddy's!
I recently read from my novel in progress at The Parlor reading series. It felt good, real good. 
Richard Thomas reviewed Daddy's for The Nervous Breakdown!
Jesus Angel Garcia reviewed Daddy's and The Museum of the Weird for vol. 1 Brooklyn!
Ryan Bradley interviewed me at Big Other!
I did this with Blake Butler at HTML Giant!
I'm in Nylon's America issue! Here is proof:

That's me at the bottom, squinting into the afterlife. So exciting!

So that's what's been going on lately. I also cut my bangs. I also did deep lunges across my apartment the other morning. I also went to see Lynda Barry speak. It blew my dick off. 

Here is a recipe for pancakes: Bisquick and water. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

ECFU! Tour info and more!

I got to interview myself, which was a huge honor, for The Nervous Breakdown. You can find it here

I also posted a recommended reading list at Recommended Reading. Here it is!

And I went on down to Urbana to read at Aaron Burch's reading series, Stories & Beer, this past Sunday, and Smile Politely had this to say about it. Needless to say, "Lindsay Hunter's prose is loud meat" will be on my tombstone. 

And finally, me 'n Christian Tebordo are going on a east coast tour, y'all! Here's the info. We apologize in advance, for everything.  

October 22nd
Tattooed Mom's
530 South St, Philadelphia, PA

October 23rd
Steel City Coffee House
203 Bridge St # 1, Phoenixville, PA

October 25th
Lorem Ipsum Bookstore
1299 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 
7pm, I think
October 24th

Indie Press Crush Fest w/ Two Dollar Radio
85 East 4th Street, NYC
October 26th

Indie Press Crush Fest w/ Two Dollar Radio
126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn